European Disc Golf Federation (EDGF) is opening a bid call soliciting bids for hosting 2020 European Disc Golf Championship (EDGF) and 2020 European Masters Disc Golf Championship.

All potential host are welcome to submit their bids by April 17, 2019 (24:00 UTC+1) by both sending their bid package electronically to and and filling the online bid form at

Note that potential hosts can submit bids for an individual event (only EDGF or only EMDGC) or for a joint event (joint EDGC/EMDGC); both types of bids can be submitted simultaneously by the same bidders, if they decide so. Any questions from the potential host during the open call should be addressed to EDGF, as a part of the bid consultation process. EDGF will try to respond to all questions and comments ASAP.

The bid material contains the following items:

(1) EDGC/EMDGC Bid Manual (the document contains basic information about EDGC/EMDGC, the organizational framework of disc golf, and the details of the bid process)
(2)  EDGC/EMDGC Format and Standards (the document contains the comprehensive list of rules and requirements related to organizational and technical side of the event)
(3)  EDGF/LOC Event Contract for EDGC/EMDGC (the document contains a draft of the contract to be signed by EDGF and the event local organizing committee; the contract will be a subject of negotiation of EDGF with the selected event host; the draft provides an information for the potential hosts about their expected level of rights and responsibilities related to the event) 
(4) EDGC/EMDGC Event Schedule (the short document contains a diagram with the expected event schedule)
After closing of the bid proposal submission period EDGF will evaluate the submitted bids and publish the hosts (and substitute hosts) by April 27, 2019.

Links to all documents you can find in the right side widget box.

All bidders should note that the bid call for 2022 EDGC/EMDGC will be open in September – October 2019. The bid call for 2024 EDGC/EMDGC is scheduled for September – October 2021.

We hope that the changes in the event format and standards, bid materials, and bid process will help us to make European Disc Golf Championship a fantastic event showcasing the best European disc golf in the future continuing the great legacy of EDGCs in the past while adjusting to the rapid growth of the sport of disc golf in Europe and new technologies and media. 

2020 EDGC/EMDGC Bid Call