The PDGA Europe is a steering committee of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

PDGA Europe was established in 2006 as a Committee of the PDGA Board of Directors. The Committee is composed of the PDGA affiliated European Country Coordinators, who represent their Country Associations, the PDGA EuroTour Manager, and the PDGA International Director, all voting members. The PDGA Executive Director has observer status on the Committee.

PDGA Europe is empowered to take continent-wide decisions including the setting of PDGA EuroTour standards, the determination of continental awards winners, the review of disciplinary issues occurring in Europe and other issues of common interest. Certain decisions including PDGA pricing structures, sponsorships and the awarding of Major event status, require the approval of the PDGA Board and/or Executive Director.

Affiliated Countries

At the country or national level, the National Associations retain responsibility for all domestic/in-country issues, including the application of the standards discussed in this document. Ongoing PDGA relations focus mainly on the processing and maintenance of memberships, event listings, event results, and the associated finances. At the continental level, decisions become the responsibility of a collective Committee, for example the PDGA Europe Committee, and the focus is on issues of collective interest and responsibility. This includes setting standards for continental Championship events or Series such as the PDGA EuroTour, the review of disciplinary related issues that occurred in the country, and the ongoing exploration of ways to improve and increase continental collaboration as disc golf continues to grow.

PDGA EuroTour Series

The PDGA EuroTour is a championship series of up to 10 leading events across Europe, featuring many of the continent’s biggest and best events. Participating players earn points at each event towards the season-long EuroTour titles and cash bonuses.

European Disc Golf Championships

The European DGCs are managed jointly by the European Disc Golf Federation (EDGF) and the event hosts, and are sanctioned by PDGA as an XA Tier event. Entry is restricted to qualifying European citizens and residents.

Source: PDGA Europe Website. Published on our website with kind permission of PDGA.

For more information about the PDGA Europe committee visit the PDGA Europe Website.