At the last General Assembly the new Joint-Committee “EDGF-PDGA European Disc Golf Championships Committee” has been installed and committee members elected. The EDGF-PDGA EDGCC has been formed with the following mission:

  • to continue to define the EDGC and its whole process (bidding process and content, qualification procedure, quotas by country, divisions, …).
  • to follow up the EDGC organization process and to remain at disposal of the organizer(s) for any needed help or advice (competition, logistical, institutional, …)

The members of the committee are:

  • Emile Barbe (Switzerland) – Chair
  • Tapani Aulu (Finland)
  • Lydie Hellgren (Denmark/Norway)
  • Frank Hellstern (Germany)
  • Richard Kollar (Slovakia)
  • Larry LaBond (USA)
  • Bernd Wender (Austria)

EDGF BoD liaison to the committee: Paul Francz (Switzerland)