Why a European Federation for Disc Golf was founded?
In 15 of 25 countries disc golf are already represented by a national disc golf association. To represent the associations and hold up the continental interests towards European Institutions, a European body has more reputation and power. Speaking with one voice.

What are the main benefits?
Better recognition of the Disc Golf sport in Europe, higher recognition of the European Championships while they are officially sanctioned, and support member countries to apply for governmental grants for their national teams.

Who can become member of EDGF?
European Federations, which represents Disc Golf in their country (either national disc golf associations or disc golf committees and groups of European national flying disc associations).

How many votes does a member have?
Currently all members shall be treated the same – means one vote per country.

Doesn’t bigger countries must have more weight?
In general yes, however, as long as there are no financial obligations for a country, there is no basis given for a balanced voting. This might change if the General Assembly makes a different decision in this direction.

What are the costs for a membership?
Currently there is no membership fee. The decision is up to the General Assembly, who decides about the fees at their annual meeting.

How is EDGF financed otherwise?
Currently there are just small expenses for the website, while the officers holding their position as volunteers. The EDGF board may ask for a special foundation grant with WFDF or other institutions. A major income in the future will be the sanctioning fees from European Championships.

What are the main duties of EDGF?
The main focus is laid to the European Championships, its further development and sanctioning, but also in the support in the establishment of disc golf associations in Europe.

How EDGF will deal with PDGA and PDGA Europe?
Members of the EDGF are the country organisations, while the Country Affiliation with the PDGA is based on individual memberships by the players. In fact, EDGF fully accepts the PDGA Rules of Play, the tournament standards, as well as the Player Rating. The PDGA Europe Committee and the PDGA Eurotour are not in focus of the EDGF, but a strong cooperation and information exchange are essential and a must.

What shall be EDGF’s policy?
EDGF’s primary role is the representation of their member countries, the protection and the further development of the European Disc Golf Championships. EDGF follows both, WFDF’s and PDGA’s strategy and supports any projects in view of a unique global structure for the Disc Golf sport. It will be EDGF’s General Assembly who defines the federation’s future visions and policy.

What are the plans for the European Disc Golf Championships?
As the Disc Golf sport continuously grows at all levels, it will be important to re-arrange the EDGC in the future too. It will be necessary to provide separate continental championships for the individual divisions and/or groups of age-divisions, to enable the countries a higher number of participants.

Does the PDGA Player Rating will play a role for the EDGC?
It would be of great advantage to use a so called “skills-pyramid” to define minimum skill-requirements to participate at the EDGC. However, this can be done only, if every national licensed player would automatically enter the Player Rating System. A unique system would also help to provide full transparency in view of having real figures to run calculations of country quotas.

Are only EDGF members allowed to participate at the EDGC?
In fact yes, practically not yet. This means, building the EDGF will take its time. Some countries will be ready for the foundation, some countries will enter EDGF as soon as their General Assembly approved such a proposal, and other countries might need a longer process for a final decision. So, EDGC remains to be open for all European countries, until a majority of the members decide another policy (EDGC Guidelines & Regulations).

How can a country submit a bid to host an EDGC
To handle the whole process (bidding process and content, qualification procedure, quotas by country, divisions, …) for the EDGC 2016, a special EDGC 2016 subcommittee has been formed within the PDGA Europe Group. As soon as EDGF has a majority of the European countries as members on board, the subcommittee will continue its work under the EDGF banner. As soon as all the new documents have been available, the section “Championships” will be updated.