2023 Events Schedule

To coordinate events scheduling with our members throughout Europe is one of our Missions. We have achieved that the European Championships, which are held bi-annually, has their protected slot in the calendar. But still, collisions with other big events (specifically in the US) might occur. However, our aim is a better coordination of at least the national championships of our members in the future, but also developing a unique tool for all the events which are held in Europe.

Currently, every player has to consult many different event calendars to put his/hers personal event schedule together. Some of them give appropriate information when registration start, for other events, you have to keep your eyes on all time, not to miss the registration date. Stressful and time-consuming.

There are some actions made here on private initiatives. One of them is a great page lately published – discgolf.eu – hosted in Estonia.

You can find the event schedule for European Pro Tour, PDGA EuroTour, Prodigy Disc Pro Tour, EPT-X Series and links to other big events (including the EDGC). Have a look.