MPO Gold for Sweden

While the hype around the local hero Kristin Tattar was such high, the men’s division (MPO) somehow gone a bit under. Even though the media coverage was done fully also for the MPO division, and also showed live, the high interest was layed more on the FPO division. When did it happen, that female Disc Golf received more attention than the men?

Well, there were many names on the table for winning the 2023 European Champion title, but not the future winner Dennis Augustsson from Sweden. Most named was Niklas Anttila from Finland, who wanted to defend his title from 2021 and who showed excellent performance during the past months. But it came out different this year and it was awesome for Sweden. The last time a Swede won gold in the open divison was in 2010 when Jesper Lundmark, Skellefteå had to stand at the top. Now, 13 years later, it has happened again!

Dennis Augustsson (21 years) crowned European Champion in Disc Golf.

At this level, 5 throws is a big lead, but with a course where OB (out of bounds resulting in a duty throw) is waiting around every corner and Augustsson’s lack of experience in these contexts, it could turn quickly. But Augustsson showed a calm and stable game without any tendencies to be nervous and tense. He started the final round with 6(!) straight birdies. And after the 18 holes of the final, Augustsson was able to raise his hands in the air as our new European champion! With a margin of victory of 10 throws and a final round of 11 under par.

From left: Jesse Nieminen (FIN), Dennis Augustsson (SWE), Joona Heinänen (FIN), Tuomas Hyytiäinen (4th)

What has brought Augustsson to this title is a world-class putting and a calm and stability in the game that is unusual for a player who is so new to this situation. “I’ve practiced staying calm in these situations. This means everything to bring this gold to Sweden”, says Dennis in the victory interview.

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