In the Heat of Szarvas

For the first time the European Masters Disc Golf Championships have been organized separated from the EDGC. One week after the EDGC in Tallinn, Estonia, Szarvas in Hungary welcome the 150 participants from all over Europe to compete in 7 age-protected divisions: MP40, FP40, MP50, FP50, MP55, MP60 and MP65.

The most famous attraction of the city of Szarvas, 140 Km south of Budapest, is the well renowned Arboretum. It is home to an incredibly rich flora and fauna on an 82 hectare park area. And since 2019 it has also been the home of some of the biggest disc golf events in Hungary. The Arboretum has quite the magical atmosphere, befitting of the prestige of a European Championship. The course was set up in the northern parts of the park in a classic Front 9 – Back 9 fashion. It has been designed with the primary goal to challenge players both on the open meadows and the dense wooded areas that the botanical garden has to offer. The course was played with 3 different layouts to match the requirements of the various divisions.

The region however is also know for hot temperatures in summer, and the participants got to deal with 36-37 degrees Celcius the hole week. The various water-stations, as well as the shade of the many trees helped to get over that heat.

It was not a get-together only of players who know each other for many, many years and former champions (some hold even several titles), but for holding serious competion at the highest possible level. Even though the social part is important, the sport comes still on first place. The results of the top of each division showed then, how strong these players still are and at what great competitive level they can perform.

Congratulations to all winners, but also to all other who survived the heat of Szarvas.

The MP40 Podium

From Left: Karl Johan Nybo (DEN), Anders Swärd (SWE), Mika Laikko (FIN)

The FP40 Podium

From Left: Katka Bodová (SVK), Hannele Määttä (FIN), Kaire Tekku (EST)

The MP50 Podium

From Left: Mehdi Boukarabila (FRA), Jonas Hälleblad (SWE), Johan Ålund (SWE)

The FP50 Podium

From Left: Kristiina Sylman (FIN), Kirsi Kaikkonen (FIN), Karin Rubin SUI)

The MP55 Podium

From Left: Richard Kappling (SWE), Al Fleming (DEN), Egli Saetren (NOR)

The MP60 Podium

From Left: Carlos A. Rio (ESP), Hans Tegebäck (SWE), Wolfgang Kraus (GER)

The MP65 Podium

From Left: Esko Jokinen (FIN), Paul Francz (SUI), Terje Rørmark (NOR)

Full results: 2023 European Masters Disc Golf Championship

Video Coverage on YouTube: MDG Media – YouTube

Photos: PDGA Europe | Flickr Album