Being Europe’s leading organization for all Disc Golfers and set the stage for common growth and development of Disc Golf in the European spirit. Sustain and develop European Championships as the most prestigious medal events on the continent.


We focus on the spirit of Disc Golf. We uphold the integrity of our sport on all levels. We communicate open and fair. We support cooperation and friendship within and especially over national borders.


  1. To coordinate key information and services leading to the promotion and development of Disc Golf throughout Europe as a competitive sport.
  2. To coordinate events scheduling with our members throughout Europe.
  3. To provide data and best practices of all aspects European Disc Golf.
  4. To foster the cross border cooperation of the national governing bodies.
  5. To stage European Title Championships and maintain the best opportunities for all European players.
  6. To create and maintain relationships with international disc sports organizations and act as the official representative European Disc Golf body.


  • To encourage the further development of disc golf, to strengthen the bonds of friendship existing between its members.
  • To encourage the formation of new disc golf organizations representing the disc golf activities of European countries.
  • To strengthen the further development of the organizational sports structure towards the European Sport Model.
  • To coordinate the dates of the national Championships of its members and to arrange, in conjunction with host Federations, European Championships and specific events of international character.
  • To create and maintain international relationships in the field of disc golf and undertake any action useful to the cause of disc golf on an international level


The Vision and Mission statements have been approved by the General Assembly at their year meeting on 17 January 2023.