European Flying Disc Federation

The European Flying Disc Federation (EFDF) serves as the governing body for all flying disc sports in Europe.

The purpose of European Flying Disc Federation is:

  • to foster sports;
  • to foster all flying disc sports in Europe as the branch office of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF);
  • to provide a forum for all European flying disc sports associations;
  • to represent all flying disc sports and the respective European partial associations before the European public-sector institutions and sports institutions – in particular before the European Olympic Committee (EOC) and the institutions of the European Union;
  • to advance, promote and advertise flying disc sports in Europe;
  • to support new associations and members, promote the “spirit of the game” and improve competition conditions at a European level;
  • to promote and support flying disc sports to be included in the European Games and, if this is successful, to manage and maintain the respective relations with the organisational committees of the European Games.

The purpose will in particular be achieved by:

  • organising and sanctioning flying disc competitions at a European level;
  • promoting and advertising flying disc sports in Europe;
  • preparing and implementing concepts to develop flying disc sports in Europe;
  • providing communication tools to the European flying disc associations;
  • co-ordinating and managing relations with the institutions and organisations.

Source: EFDF Website. Published on our website with kind permission of EFDF.

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