Kristin Tattar – The Magnet

Never in the history of European Disc Golf a single player created such a media hype and attracted thousands of spectators to follow the event live, either on the course or on TV (Telia). Kristin Tattar from Estonia was their “super star” and the expectation were high that she may win the European Champion titel as well. After having won all three PDGA Majors in the USA so far this year, she came over to Europe with a clear goal – GOLD.

In the first three days, Tattar showed herself in her best shape, tearing ahead of her rivals with an inadequate 16 throws. However, the final day brought a game that no one expected. Tattar’s safe gap ahead of her strongest competitor, Finn Silva Saarinen, narrowed the basket from the basket to three throws when there were two more baskets to go. One of them was a rickety 17th basket that was ruthless to mistakes. It was clear that now Tattar had to put all her strengths to work – technical skills and mental unshakability in stressful situations.

The opening throws of both were accurate, the result was par and the point difference did not decrease. Although it left room for Tattar to get lost on the last basket, that margin wasn’t needed – the opening throw landed just outside the circle. Next, she calmly putted under the basket to let her rivals finish the basket and lift in his own winning putt. As the top of the cake, President Alar Karis came to congratulate Tattar at the finish.

Fron left: Silva Saarinen (FIN), Kristin Tattar (EST), Eveliina Salonen (FIN)

As the competitions took place in a place that is meaningful for Estonians, the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Tattar gave a thanksgiving speech in Estonian despite the international audience and highlighted it as a special opportunity that she often cannot use.

With an emotional round and an unforgettable finish, we couldn’t be prouder of Kristin for securing the victory on her home turf! Congratulations!

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