Professional Disc Golf Association

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is an international not-for-profit organization based in Georgia, USA. Founded in 1976, the PDGA is run by its member-players, and serves as the governing body for the sport of disc golf.

As a primary stakeholder in the growth and development of disc golf, the PDGA partners, supports, and works with National Disc Golf and Disc Sports Associations, disc golf clubs, parks departments, Tournament Directors, manufacturers, retailers, promoters, and the media.

The PDGA is based on an annual membership and tournament system. In 2015, the PDGA had 30000+ active members, and sanctioned more than 2500 competitive disc golf events for men and women of all age groups and skill levels.

The PDGA Tour includes hundreds of local and regional events, the season-long National Tour and EuroTour Series, the PDGA Professional and Amateur Disc Golf World Championships, the USDGC, and other Major events in USA, Europe and Asia/Oceania.

PDGA International Disc Golf Centre, Appling, GA, USA

Traditionally focused on the USA and Canada, PDGA activity in other countries has been growing exponentially since 2005, when the International Program was introduced. In 2015 there were more than 4500 PDGA international members and 520 Tour events in Europe, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. Elsewhere, in Latin America and other corners of the globe where disc golf is beginning to take flight, the PDGA serves as a resource base for building the game at the grassroots level. In 2012 the PDGA also introduced the Marco Polo Program which provides funding support for initiatives aimed at introducing and developing the game in new countries and locales.

The PDGA has a full-time staff of ten, led by the Executive Director, who is appointed by and reports to the volunteer Board of Directors. Part-time Consultants are also used on specific projects including the International Program. The Board of Directors are elected by the membership, and serve three year terms. Throughout its brief history the PDGA has relied heavily on a large cadre of dedicated volunteers – the Tournament Directors, the Committee members, and so on – and it is these committed volunteers who are the real backbone of the organization and the sport.

Source: PDGA Website. Published on our website with kind permission of PDGA.

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